Job interviews can cause potential candidates a lot of anxiety. This is the best opportunity for you to show the recruiter or hiring manager that you are the right fit for a company. Preparation is the key to a successful interview. If you want to prepare for your next interview, here are some job interview tips.

What to Know

Before you go to your interview, research the company. Figure out what its culture involves and what it stands for. 

What to Bring

Here are a few things that you can consider bringing to the interview:

  • A resume
  • A pen
  • A portfolio
  • Any work you want to display

It’s important to go to the interview prepared.  Review the job description again prior to the interview and be prepared to talk about how your experiences align with the job details and qualifications.  Always be prepared with at least 3-4 questions that you’d like to ask during the interview.  It’s an opportunity for you to learn more about the prospective employer, and also showcases your genuine interest in the company and position.

What to Wear

Wear professional clothing and think about the job you are interviewing for.  Do not overdress. Likewise, do not dress too casually. If you’re working with an external recruiter, it’s always beneficial to ask for recommendations on how to dress appropriately for the specific company.

When to Get There

The best rule of thumb is to arrive at the interview with an extra 15-20 minutes. This will give you time if there are any unexpected issues that come up.  However, if you get there a little early, wait until about 10 minutes prior to actually go into the office.  Sometimes hiring managers are in other meetings prior and may not be ready to greet you too far ahead of schedule.

What to Do if Late

If you are running late, you need to call the office right away. Bad traffic happens! Call and let them know. You can even ask what routes you can take that might get you there faster.

What to Do If Sick

As soon as you start to feel ill is when you want to call into the interview. Do not wait until the last minute! You would never want to be a no show or call at the final hour and give a bad impression.

Job interviews can be stressful. However, with the right job interview tips, you can tackle every interview. Go to your next interview with confidence.