When it comes to attracting employees into the organization, and keeping them engaged, there is now a heavier focus on employee wellness programs. It’s important to pay attention to the wellness of your employees because this is the only way to keep employees healthy and productive.
Wellness programs include a focus on both physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Here are some non-traditional benefits that are on the rise, that you can consider offering.

Financial Counseling

Many people are under a lot of financial stress. The more stress that an employee is under, the less productive he or she is going to be. Counseling tends to have a lot of different benefits in the workplace. There is no reason why you can’t have financial counseling too. This will help ease some of your employees’ stress.

Mental Health Days

When choosing a job with employee benefits, many candidates look for mental health days. Mental health is becoming less of a taboo topic in the workplace. Most employees will display some signs of poor mental health. Due to this, it’s crucial to have mental health days. This allows a person to take a day off without feeling stigmatized if he or she is not feeling well.

Human Interaction

Even if the work does not require a team effort, it is important to have your employees set up in a way that encourages interaction. Human interaction is one of the biggest wellness trends. Interaction leaves employees feeling more satisfied with their job and helps establish close and long-term relationships between colleagues.

Wellness Days

Companies’ health claim costs are on the rise, and often times, it’s triggered by illness that could have been avoided if identified early.  It’s important to encourage employees to commit to their annual physicals.  You may consider paying employees for their time going to see their doctor for annual wellness visits (in addition to the PTO time that they may already receive).  This cost is minimal, and will go a long way with employee satisfaction, as well as decreased healthcare claim costs. 

Wellness Technology

Wellness technology is trending when it comes to the hiring process. Wellness technology can monitor an employee’s activeness. This encourages movement around the office, healthier habits, and trends that will make your employees healthier and happier. Technology can also be used for wellness portals. These portals can help you initiate different wellness programs.

When it comes to the workforce, employee wellness is important. Some employers offer a variety of different employee benefits that focus on health and wellness. This is particularly important to keep your workers healthy and productive.