Organizational leaders never want to deal with a layoff. However, sometimes, we find ourselves in an unfortunate position, where it is inevitable. In those cases, the way in which an organization handles the layoff with employees, can make or break future success. Handled with a careful approach, it can be much less painful – for impacted employees and your company.

What Are Outplacement Services?

Outplacement services can come in many different shapes, sizes and service offerings, but ultimately, an outplacement service is used to get employees who are impacted by a layoff or downsizing, back to work, as quickly as possible.

At Connectly Recruiting, we focus on career transition coaching and take an individualized approach to working with our clients and impacted employees.  Our outplacement services include six 1:1 sessions with the impacted individual, personal branding (resume and LinkedIn), career transition coaching, mock interviewing, offer negotiation and onboarding preparation.  Some outplacements rely on technology to handle a lot of these types of sessions, or leverage group seminars to facilitate the coaching.

4 Reasons You Should Not Overlook Outplacement Services:

  1. Strong transition for your employees – helps with brand and reputation
  2. Lower costs – employer liability, possible litigation, and decrease unemployment claims.
  3. Helps with employee morale and minimizing disruption for current employees.
  4. Ability to positively attract and engage candidates in the future

According to an article published by Forbes, “regardless of the mode of delivery of services for exiting employees, companies should not make it about severing a relationship but rather view it as investing in an ongoing relationship.View the full article here.

How Does Connectly Recruiting Add Value in This Area:

  • We have the benefit of being recruiters and seeing first-hand what recruiters and hiring managers look for
  • Our years of HR experience serve as an extension of client companies to ease the process of a layoff
  • Our deep knowledge is a blend of extensive experience, as well as ongoing learning through training and other educational resources
  • We strive to keep our approach innovative for today’s marketplace when it comes to job search
  • As with all services, we provide a consultative and value added approach with all clients and engagements

If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation, considering a layoff or downsizing in your organization, reach out to us so that we can share how we might be able to make this process a bit easier. You’ll rest easier knowing that your impacted employees are in good hands and set up for continued success. Visit our Outplacement Services page on our website to learn more about the services that we offer.