Many hiring managers will tell you that recruiting and training new employees is one of the most difficult aspects of their job. It takes perseverance, intuition, and perhaps most importantly, time. For small businesses, it can be very expensive to run ads in traditional media and online job sites, and the quantity and quality of candidates that are generated as a result, may not be adequate to bring on top talent. A recruitment agency can make many of these headaches go away.

They can quickly give you a short list of vetted candidates.

A recruitment agency works both ways, for employers and prospective employees. This means that they will, at any given time, be able to provide a shortlist of qualified applicants for any number of industries and positions. This saves the time (and money associated with it) that hiring managers would have to take to go through a thorough search that will likely include a long list of dead ends.

They know the market and candidates in your area.

A recruitment agency will also have access to internal demographic data which can prove invaluable. This will give you instant insight into the employment landscape of your market, and the candidates in it. They will be able to tell you crucial figures like median salaries, the unemployment rate, and the length of the average job search in your area. Combining this information with their stable of candidates makes for another powerful time and money-saving combination.

They have a large reach.

Since a recruitment agency is in the business of recruiting, they will be up to speed on the latest avenues to identify top talent. Many recruiting agencies will have partnerships in place with tools and expertise with techniques to effectively source passive candidates, as well as with nationally known websites or trade publications for targeting active job seekers.  This provides you a great reach that would stretch your recruitment media budget very thin if you tried to achieve on your own.