Looking for a new job is never easy. After weeks or months of hitting dead-ends in your job search, it can seem downright hopeless. But there may be an easy way for you to get to work and improve your future prospects. Why not work temporary jobs?

Work with a Staffing Agency

While it might seem counterintuitive at first, working with a staffing agency to find placement in a temporary position is a great way to bring income during your job search. It may also lead to bigger and better things, including full-time employment, as many temporary jobs are “temp to perm” where the employer is hoping to identify a great temporary employee that will transition into a more permanent role!

Build Skills and Contacts at a Temp Job

While working a temp job, you’ll have the opportunity to either develop skills you already possess or branch out to acquire new ones. Either way, this will make you a more attractive candidate to future employers. You may also discover a knack or passion for a position you’d never considered, all while being trained and paid to do it!

Take Advantage of Having Your Foot in the Door

If you like the company where you’re doing your temp work, you may want to apply for an open position there. Familiar faces who have a good rapport with the staff always have a leg up. The hiring manager will realize you require less training than a brand-new employee, and you’ll already be familiar with the company’s facilities and many of its procedures.

Keep Your Options and Eyes Open

The flexibility of a temp job will allow you to continue your job search as you work. In some cases, you may be working part-time or off-hours which would allow you to go to interviews. Your supervisor will be aware that you are a temporary employee working with an agency, so there will be an understanding that you are looking for work. If they don’t want you to leave, they can hire you full-time!